airsoft 101

What is airsoft?

  • Airsoft is a sport similar to paintball.

  • Players use replicas that are similar to their real steel counterparts but instead of paint, airsoft uses 6mm plastic bbs.

  • it is imperative that airsoft replicas be treated like their real steel counter part and follow proper safety precautions. 

  • Each bb travels at an average speed of 350 fps. the high velocity that each bb travels at can cause small welts and bruises much like paintball.

  • It is important that players dress accordingly for airsoft. 

  • When hit by a bb, unlike paintball, players are to call their hits with an honor system. ​

  • Teams are determined by splitting players into two teams that are designated by colored armbands.

  • Teams are created to maintain a skill balance between the opposing forces to keep the gameplay fair