as virginia begins moving into phase 3 (July 1) and maryland in phase 2, both locations have been reopened. to mitigate the spread of covid-19, below are expectations that must be followed

we respect OUR customers rights. These are GUIDELINES AND EXPECTATIONS set forth by our local and state government

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covid-19 news

  • Tactical Airsoft Arena will be limiting the amount of patrons in the building to ensure that social distancing is in place. The maximum amount of patrons will be 20 at rockville and 30 at manassas. With a limited occupancy,  ITS SUGGESTED THAT YOU RESERVE YOUR GAME PLAY SLOT which can be found at the bottom of the page. walk-ins are welcome upon availability. 

  • If you are showing symptoms of sickness, you may be subjected to a temperature check. Those who measure a temperature above normal will be asked to exit the building.

  • Before you enter the building, please make sure THAT YOU wearing a CDC approved face covering. Our staff will also be wearing masks for the health and safety of everyone. if you have underlying health conditions that prevent you from wear a mask, we ask that you remain 6 feet apart at all times.

  • Before entering the building, please  apply hand sanitizer for disinfecting purposes. Hand sanitizing stations are available at the door

  • Face coveringS may only be removed when putting on face protection for airsoft otherwise it must remain on while you are in the building

  • We ask that players not share equipment. Sharing equipment may lead to the spread of contagions. 

  • You should maintain at least 6 feet when possible to ensure that social distancing is practiced

  • We ask our customers to limit the amount of contact on surfaces to mitigate the spread of any contagions.