Read Before Playing​

The FPS limit is 300 with a 0.25g BB (~330 with a 0.2g BB).

  • We do not allow temporary muzzle velocity reducers.

  • Please note that while we do allow CO2, many replicas that use it tend to shoot over our limit.

If you are bringing a replica to our facility, it must be transported in some sort of bag, box, or case.

ALL rifles must have an approved barrel cover on and their magazines out, while in the lobby.

  • This applies to all AEG, HPA, GBB, and "Springer" rifles.

  • GBBR users may use a chamber flag instead of a barrel cover.

  • ​HPA users must also keep their line unplugged, while in the lobby.

ALL pistols must have their magazines out and holstered, while in the lobby.

Full face masks with ear protection are required to play.

If you have your own mask, it must be verified by a staff member (please note that some paintball masks are not allowed).

If you have goggles with a lower:

  • Eye protection: Your goggles must be impact rated (meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 requirements) AND be verified by a staff member (please note that ski goggles are NOT allowed).

  • Mouth protection:Your lower must be metal wire mesh or hard plastic, cover your entire mouth, and cannot be modified (please note that neoprene lowers, shemaghs/head wraps, balaclavas, etc. are not allowed to be used as mouth protection alone).

  • Ear protection:You must have something to cover your ears (shemaghs/head wraps and hoodies are the most popular).

It does hurt, so please dress accordingly. We recommend wearing a light jacket/sweatshirt or military uniforms/BDUs, jeans or khaki pants, and sneakers/boots. If you have your own gloves, vest, or mask that would be best (we must verify your mask before you can play).

If you are under the age of 18, you must have your waiver signed by a parent or guardian. All players must fill out a waiver, regardless of age.

The minimum age to participate during public hours is 12 years old and to participate during private parties it is 10 years old.

We do not allow propane, pyrotechnics, Thunder-B/sound grenades, or marker BBs.

We do allow green lasers, but the output must be < 5 mW.

We do allow some grenade launchers, but they must be checked by a staff member.

We do not fill HPA tanks at this time.

We are not responsible for misplaced, stolen, or damaged items.